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Danielle_007 [userpic]
by Danielle_007 (danielle_007)
at May 6th, 2009 (04:58 pm)

Current Mood: annoyed
Current Song: Lil Wayne - Prom Queen

Two Wallpapers I Made


Posted by: Diane (proopstradamus)
Posted at: May 7th, 2009 08:30 pm (UTC)
Ryan + Guitar

Those are great graphics, wonderful job, and thanks for posting them! Would you mind if I put them on RSN? :)

Posted by: Danielle_007 (danielle_007)
Posted at: May 8th, 2009 06:18 am (UTC)

Thanks a lot & np, no I don't mind go ahead i was going to do it myself but i didn't know how, could you credit me please

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